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A different look at communication – get inspired by Banksy

I would be surprised if you hadn’t heard of the stunt pulled by the quasi anonymous and controversial street artist, Banksy. It seems nowadays anything the artist does appears on the television, all over social media, and in the newspapers, around the entire globe. The stunt occured on October 5th at Sotheby’s auction house in […]

Times are Changing: Time to Channel Communication

How far do you want your relationship with technology to go? The constant search for speed and efficiency that rules every day life is something that all of us need to be more aware of. With the fast growing technological and innovative advancements that we are seeing today, no wonder we always feel the need […]

A strategy for directors as well as mechanics? We can make it happen!

Many organisations are consultancy-fatigued. Not necessarily with the hiring of new external advisors, but they are tired of the fact that consultants usually provide little follow-up and their advice only lasts until next year’s “new” advice.  While the mindset of employees remains: “let’s just take the usual course of action. Things will revert back to […]

Building a Relationship with the Bots

It seems daunting for many and exciting for others, but it’s inevitable. We will indeed be sharing our future with robots. Robots of all different shapes and sizes. Referring to robots in the workplace, Leslie Willcocks (Professor at the London School of Economics) views this working relationship in a refreshing light, stating how – “It […]

Research of innovation-culture in 6 leading organisations

When we hear the word “innovation”, we usually think of new technical tools and innovation funnels. We regularly forget that instigating renewal requires attention to the ‘soft’ side. Because of that, we collaborated with the UvA (University of Amsterdam) to research innovation-culture. Where does this innovation thrive and where, perhaps unconsciously, does it get stepped […]

Robot Love – Tech vs humans or technical humans?

New technologies awaken us and offer opportunities. Those opportunities do not always receive enough attention. The media emphasises the doomsday-scenarios (soon we’ll be out of a job) or they only show the economical side of things. Little is said about the ethical questions: What kind of relationship will we humans have with technology? And to […]

Development made easier: with a visual compass

AimAtArt provides a new tool for HR professionals: the compass. A compass on the subject of learning and development. What is it exactly and why is is so important? AimAtArt investigated this and discovered that a compass is of great interest to someone that wants to continue growing and progress further. And since growing people […]

The impact of managers on creativity within organisations

To stimulate an innovative culture we think of all sorts of intervention and actions, like the establishment of an Innovation Board, creativity training, innovation itineraries, etc. What often remains undiscussed are the managers themselves. Managers do, in fact, fulfill a very crucial role: they can make or break creative ideas. Because they are the ones […]

Innovation Barometer maps culture for innovation

Entire delegations of leading business individuals go on inspiration pilgrimages to Silicon Valley to learn from their success formulas. Collaborations with startups are set up to piggyback their innovative strength. And every manager nowadays is busy stimulating renewal. How do you get your people ready for development? This can be done more easily, and particularly […]

A cocktail of 3 ingredients for creativity

Developing a new medicine? Need novel ideas for a marketing event? Want to surprise your customers? Changing a juditional procedure? To come up with good answers to these questions you need creativity. What do you need to think creatively? You might think of inspiration, quiet, space. But it’s all in a cocktail of three ingredients: […]