GET LOST, a free and adventurous art route, is waiting to be discovered in Zuidas, Amsterdam. Featuring twelve artworks by international artists, you can expect a whole lot of creativity! This year the artist’s took inspiration from the concept Codes of Conduct. Through the art we can observe ourselves, and the constant change that is happening around us. We can take the time to reflect on who we are and what we stand for, in the workplace and in our personal life.

Here at AimAtArt, we have picked out three artworks to give you a taste of what to expect!

Richard John Jones, ‘Keeping Watch above the flowers’, 2018


Relax and Reflect

First up is a sculptural installation, a decorative stage in the middle of AkzoNobel’s garden. We are invited onto the open stage, to relax and reflect amongst the greenery. The urban space as a place of performance is something that Jones highlights here. He plays on the concept of surveillance in the public place but also how we voluntarily participate in a surveillance of our own. How often do you share images (etc.) on social media? Nice to note is that dance workshops are taking place here on a number of Monday afternoons. Will you participate in this activity? And how many eyes will be watching you from the offices above? How do you unwind and keep your mind active?

Olle Stjerne, ‘Presyncope’, 2018

How far will you go?

Now taking it indoors, ‘Presyncope’, a concrete sculpture, can be found in the lobby of the WTC. The title of this artwork relates to the feeling one gets when looking up from the ground at a towering height – such as that of the WTC in New York. The 3D elements of the artwork allow for endless construction. However, at the same time, the concrete element of the sculpture provides a solid base. Stjerne explores both boundaries and endless possibilities with this piece. Can you see how he does this? Possibilities are endless. How far are you willing to go?

Rosa Sijben, ‘Demo’, 2018

Embrace opportunity

Returning outdoors you can find ‘Demo’, a group of signs, between the skyscraper of ABN AMRO and a construction site. The use of bright yellow in the artwork will make it hard to miss. A sign is usually used to announce something. However, these signs appear blank. They dominate the landscape and are suggestive of opportunity. During the summer the signs will change colour. Interpretation of colour differs from person to person. How do you feel when you see the colour yellow? This artwork reminds us that there is always space for opportunity. What opportunities will you avail of in your (new) work place?

So why not take AimAtArt’s mini art tour on your next break, or after work to wind down. You have until September 22nd. Trust us, you’ll be sure to stumble upon some art that will inspire you!


Enjoy! Go Get Lost!


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Essential Art Space, Christian Neefestraat 2, Amsterdam (AkzoNobel’s garden)

WTC Amsterdam Lobby H/1, Strawinskylaan 1, Amsterdam (entrance Zuidplein)

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